About Us

The Grand Traverse Metro Emergency Services Authority (GTMESA) is an integral part of the Northern Michigan community, serving Acme Township, East Bay Charter Township, and Garfield Charter Township.
With a legacy dating back to 1980, we are dedicated to the safety and well-being of our residents through comprehensive fire protection and emergency services.

Our Mission

To serve our community by safeguarding life and property from fire, hazards & medical emergencies through education, intervention, and quality response.

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Today, GTMESA responds over 30 pieces of apparatus out of five stations. These include engines, tankers, ladder truck, heavy rescues, wildfire trucks, water supply trucks, air supply vehicles, medical units (Squads), chief command vehicles, fire investigator vehicles, rescue boats, rescue sleds, ATVs and a public education vehicle. GTMESA has station Captains that oversee 30+ fire service personnel (full time and part time) working out of those five stations.


Station 1 @ 843 Industrial Cir in East Bay Charter Township

Station 8 @ 6042 Acme Rd in Acme Township

Station 9 @ 110 High Lake Rd in East Bay Charter Township

Station 11 @ 3000 Albany Dr in Garfield Charter Township

Station 12 @ 2025 N East Silver Lake Rd in Garfield Charter Township

Chief Paul Mackin

Fire Chief Paul Mackin’s career boasts approximately 30 years of experience in the fire industry in the State of Illinois. Hired as a Firefighter that developed into a Driver/Operator, Paul promoted into the Lieutenant position and later again to Battalion Chief. He also served as North Palos Fire Department’s Deputy Chief and Training Officer simultaneously before being promoted to Fire Chief. Paul’s robust background also includes an Associate of Arts degree in Fire Science, Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Service Management, and a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration. Chief Mackin was the top candidate of 44 candidates for the position of Fire Chief with the department and joined the team in February 2024. Chief Paul Mackin’s organizational skills, business acumen, vision, and passion for the fire service is perfectly aligned with the future of GTMESA.

Assistant Chief of Operations—Tony Posey

Assistant Chief of Operations Tony Posey came to GTMESA in 2003 as a firefighter then later became Lieutenant in 2008. He was quickly promoted again to Captain in 2009. He accepted the offer to become Assistant Chief of Operations in 2021. His career with GTMESA has been filled with numerous accomplishments, including graduating Staff & Command from Eastern Michigan University with honors in 2018 and being a champion of GTMESA Special Operations Land/Water Search & Rescue Group from its inception. Tony’s leadership has been demonstrated in many facets in and out of the department as he has been actively involved in Grand Traverse Guns N Hoses, GT County Adopt-A-Road Program, Grand Traverse Hockey Association Girls Committee, Habitat for Humanity, and more. Chief Posey is directly responsible for the success of the suppression division. Chief Posey’s mission for the suppression team is to continue to provide training, techniques, and appropriate equipment to further advance the team as a collective unit of teamwork and camaraderie while keeping safety for the citizens and team at the forefront.

Fire Marshal | Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention — Brian Belcher 

Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal Brian Belcher began his career with GTMESA in 1988 as a volunteer firefighter and worked his way up through the department/Fire Marshal. He earned the rank of Lieutenant in 1989, the rank of Captain/Training Officer/Safety Officer in 1990, became Fire Inspector/Plan Reviewer/Investigator in 1994 and achieved his current rank of Assistant Chief in 2011. Chief Belcher is involved with many local, statewide, and international associations including National Fire Protection Association, International Association of Fire Chiefs, Michigan Fire Inspectors Society, to name a few. He is presently responsible for the Fire Prevention Bureau and its operations and supervises two Fire Inspectors, one Fire Plans Examiner, and one Fire & Life Safety Public Educator.  Our fire prevention bureau offers a large list of programs including Youth Fire Intervention and Education, Car Seat Safety Inspections, Fire Inspections, Plan Review, Fire Extinguisher Training, Safe Neighborhood Smoke Alarm Program, Burn Permit issuance, and other services to keep our community and residents safe from fire and injury.