Submit Plans for Review

December 21, 2023

To: All contractors and permit applicants

From: Brian Belcher, Assistant Chief & Fire Marshal

Re: Permit application process

Beginning January 15, 2024 the Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau will no longer be receiving submittals through the Grand Traverse County EPIC portal. The process for the submittal of plans and materials for review and permits will be accessed through our website. Use the link below to access the applications for plan review page, which is found under the “I Want To..” tab on our home page. Please make sure you are applying for the proper permit. All submittals will need to be submitted through this process. Hard copy plans and applications may also still be dropped off at the office at 897 Parsons Rd. however our goal is to have all applications and documents submitted online.

Payments for permits will also now be available via credit card or by check. You will be contacted once the review is complete and the permit is ready for payment.  Once payment has been received the permit and review will be released.

Please remember to print the plan reviews and permits for your field staff to have on the job site.

As with any change, there may be issues and hiccups along the way. If you come across any errors or have trouble with submissions, please let me know directly at [email protected]

Thank you for your patience as we work to make our submittal process easier and more efficient for our customers.

Once your plans have been reviewed and the invoice is paid, you will receive the Plan Review and Permit via email.
Please provide your accounting contact email for invoices and payment information.
You can pay by check or call and pay by credit card over the phone.
For credit card payments, please contact Jennifer Grochowalski, AP, at 231-947-3000, extension 1222. At this time, we do not accept credit card payments online.
Alternatively, you can bring your payment to our Administration Office at 897 Parsons Road, Traverse City, MI 49686.

Site Plan Review

A site plan review and permit is required for all new construction, new developments, and any alterations to an existing site with the exception of individual single-family homes on an approved, existing lot. This review and permit covers all aspects of exterior fire protection features such as: fire apparatus access, fire lanes, water supplies, grading, and landscaping.

Apply Here

New Construct or Remodel

A review and permit are required for the construction or alteration of all building use groups with the exception of one- and two-family dwellings as defined in the Michigan Building Code.

Apply Here

Fire Sprinkler/Suppression System

A permit is required for the installation or modification of any automatic fire sprinkler, fire pump, standpipe, pre-engineered or engineered fire suppression system.

Apply Here

Fire Alarm / Detection System Permit

A permit is required for installation of or modification to fire alarm and detection systems and related equipment.

Apply Here

Special Event Plan Permit

This permit application is for special events including exhibits, craft shows, trade shows, carnivals, fairs, fireworks displays, tents, and other temporary public assembly functions.

Apply Here

Solar Photovoltaic Array Permit

A construction permit is required to install or modify solar photovoltaic power systems.

Apply Here

First Responder Radio BDA Permit

A construction permit is required for installation of or modification to emergency responder radio coverage systems and related equipment.

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