November 14, 2022

To: All contractors and permit applicants

From: Brian Belcher, Assistant Chief & Fire Marshal

Re: Permit application process

Beginning December 1, 2022 the Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau will be going live onto the Grand Traverse County EnerGov online permitting system. Please use the link below to access the customer portal to apply for all permits and upload your documents. This system allows for paying fees online and the release of permits electronically to aid in customer convenience. Hard copy plans and applications may also still be dropped off at the office at 897 Parsons Rd. however our goal is to have all applications and documents submitted online. Plan reviews will also be done electronically and available on the portal. Please remember to print the plan reviews and permits for your field staff to have on the job site.

As with any change there may be issues and hiccups along the way. If you come across any errors or have trouble with submissions please let me know directly at

Thank you for your patience as we bring this process online.

Site Plan Review Application

The Site Application Form is used for the submittal of site plans for new developments to the Fire Prevention Bureau for review and comment. Reviews and comments are sent to the applicant as well as to the Planner for the applicable township. Site plan review will take approximately 10 working days from the date of plans submission to this office.

Building Plan Review Application

Fire department building plan review is required by the Fire Prevention Ordinance adopted in each Township for all types of new construction except one and two-family dwellings and agricultural structures. A fee is invoiced to the applicant for the plan review, permit issuance and one inspection of the project. This fee is set by the Ordinance Fee Structure and is based on a cost per square foot of the building. An application for permit and plan review must be submitted prior to issuance of a building permit by the construction codes office.

Building Plan Review Application

Fire Alarm/ Detection System Plan Reviews

Please use this application form for the submission of all fire alarm and fire detection systems submitted for review and permit.

Fire Sprinkler/ Suppression System Plan Reviews

Please use this application form for the submitting of all fire sprinkler and special hazard fire suppression systems (wet chemical, clean agent etc.)

Special Event Plan Review / Permit Application

The Special Event Plan Review and Permit Application is used for the submitting of special events to the Fire Prevention Bureau for review and permit. These events include: exhibits, craft shows, trade shows, carnivals, fairs, fireworks displays, tents, and other temporary public assembly functions. For submittal requirements see permit application.