Workplace Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Training

Each year in the United States there are over 17,000 office and store fires that cause over $800 million in direct property damage. Grand Traverse Metro Fire Dept. offers the following assistance to businesses in our district.

  • Assistance in Writing an Evacuation Plan

If you have questions regarding your emergency evacuation plan we are happy to offer guidance. We want to be sure that your plan is appropriate and specific to your building, business, and staff.

  • Mock Evacuation Drill

Our fire crews and someone from our Fire Prevention Bureau will observe your drill and afterwards provide a debriefing to all staff. We ask that you submit your Fire Evacuation Plan to us prior to the drill.

  • Workplace Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Training
    • This training includes a presentation giving an overview of:
    • classes of fires and types of extinguishers
    • common fire hazards
    • emergency procedures
    • overview of use of a fire extinguisher
    • brief home fire safety tips (if your employees suffer a home fire, it will greatly affect their performance on the job
    • program will end with hands-on fire extinguisher training utilizing a propane pan system with patented flame response technology that senses where the trainee aims and sweeps the fire extinguisher utilizing an extinguisher with compressed air and water

To schedule a presentation, please call 231-947-3000 ext. 1234