Vacant Buildings Wanted

Your Metro Firefighters are Requesting Help!

Vacant/Abandoned Buildings are Needed for Training Drills.

The Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department is asking property owners within Acme, East Bay and Garfield Township who may have a structure that is abandoned and/or ready to be demolished to allow Metro Firefighters to conduct training in it.

There are multiple types of training that Metro Fire can perform in these buildings:

Non-destructive training: Search and Rescue, hose deployments, ladder drills

If a property owner has a vacant structure that he/she would like to donate for use by the fire department, but doesn’t want the building destroyed, it can be requested that the building be used for only non-destructive training.

Destructive: Live fire, wall breaches, roof operations, ceiling overhaul, knocking out windows, use of water, hand tools, power tools, etc.

If a property owner has a vacant structure that is scheduled for demolition, the fire department would be grateful to use it for destructive training.

Metro Fires needs abandoned/vacant buildings for these different types of training. The best structures for fire fighter training are ones that have low appeal for potential tenants/buyers. Buildings that are most sought after are:

  • Single family residences
  • Multi-family residences
  • One or two story apartment buildings
  • Strip shopping centers
  • Large “Big Box” facilities (commercial-type buildings, factories, stores, etc.)

Criteria for the properties include a completed asbestos survey (required prior to demolition), and a proof of NO insurance.

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Contact our administration office today if your the property owner of a vacant building that you’re willing to let us train in.