Station 12

Physical Location: 2025 N East Silver Lake Rd Traverse City MI

Grand Traverse Metro Station 12 opened May 27th, 2011. This station was made possible through an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This project encompasses the development and construction of a two-bay fire station with living quarters to house four firefighters. It is situated on approximately 3 acres of the Garfield Charter Township Silver Lake Recreation Area. The fire station is a single-story, 10,390 square feet building comprised of two apparatus bays with the capability of housing five pieces of fire apparatus for the purposes of emergency medical response and fire suppression. The ground breaking ceremony for the new station was held on 7/6/2010.

Metro Fire is covered by 4 Full Time Captains, 8 Full Time Firefighters (5 are Lieutenants), 4 Part Time Lieutenants, and 60+ Part Time Firefighters. Station 12 currently houses Engine (Engine 12), Tanker (Tanker 12), Wildfire Truck (Brush 12), Squad (Squad 12). Station 12 also houses a NorthFlight EMS ALS ambulance staffed by NorthFlight.

Station 12 – Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department Station 12 - 2025 N East Silver Lake Rd Traverse City Michigan 49686

Station 12 – Station 12 – 2025 N East Silver Lake Rd Traverse City Michigan 49686